• Urban Consulate 4470 Second Avenue Detroit, MI 48201 USA

Join us in the parlor with Detroit artist Sabrina Nelson, who traveled to Paris last summer for the International James Baldwin Conference and has been studying & drawing him ever since.

Sabrina Nelson was born in the late 60's during the rebellion in Detroit. She is a painter by degree from the College for Creative Studies. Influenced by Yoruba Religion as well as Eastern and African Philosophy, her work is a combination of spirit, motion and intimacy. Sabrina has been a professional artist for over 36 years and an educator for nearly as long, as a studio art educator at the Detroit Institute of Arts, she lectures and performs artist demonstrations. Her work has been exhibited at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Museum of Contemporary Arts in Detroit, the African American Art in Culture Complex in San Francisco, Jakmel Gallery in Miami and Le’Belle Gallerie in New Orleans.