1. Activate A Space

It's time for a homebase in Philadelphia. Urban Consulate seeks to create a pilot parlor space with an old-school embassy vibe within a historic building, storefront, lobby, hotel, market, library or public venue to serve as a gathering place for civic dialogue & exchange. As a "City Lobby" for diverse urban nerds, the space will host an array of activities, from public conversations to smaller meetups, drop-ins, co-working hours, workshops & classes, interviews & recordings, teas & salons. The space must be adjacent to food, drink & cultural life, with a comfortable "social lounge" atmosphere and an exhibit & library of urban projects, people & resources. 

2. Offer Diverse Programming

  • City Lobby - Dialogues to tackle urban problems & solutions

  • Mobile Consulate - Pop-up parlors in neighborhoods

  • Dinner & Dialogues - 

  • City Fieldtrip - City study trips

  • Podcast