Could we do a pop-up parlor on Six Mile in Detroit? (Sure, why not?) So on a snowy evening in December, we joined our friends at Live6 Detroit & Model D to transform a storefront on Six Mile into a speakeasy for urban exchange, per the vision of Ms. Lauren Hood. We packed up our parlor in Midtown, and we invited some friends in Chicago & Philadelphia to join us. They shared their work, and we took notes

Thanks to our friends at PlaceLab Chicago, Little Giant Creative & Witty Gritty for flying to Detroit for the occasion. And thanks to our partners at Live6 Detroit, Model D, Patrick Thompson Design, Detroit Collaborative Design Center, Detroit Sip, Axle Brewing Company, Detroit City Distillery, Knight Foundation & Kresge Foundation for their support. 

Photos by Bree Gant for Model D.