Entrepreneur & data analyst Alok Sharma is concerned Detroit is missing an opportunity with artificial intelligence. "We're going to master the defining technology of the 21st Century—and use it to sell cars?"

Are there higher, better uses for A.I. than moving metal from point A to B? Healthcare? Education? What else should Detroit be developing?

On March 21, Sharma joined us in the parlor to share Detroit's bizarre & fascinating history of innovating new industries—and then reverting to cars. (See some examples in his presentation below.)

"We have a history of birthing an industry, and then it disappears," said Sharma. "We always keep going back to auto manufacturing. I'm not sure why—might be capital?"

"A.I. is the electricity of our generation. Whether we like it or not, it will be ubiquitous. And we are singularly focused on auto, with a track record of missing out." 

Watch the video by MILO Digital here:

About Our Guest

Alok Sharma is founder of Sharma Analytics, a technology management consultancy based at TechTown that uses data to rationalize, select, plan and manage technology projects for small to mid-size organizations. As a longtime city booster, trend trafficker & political wonk, Sharma has contributed to a number of civic campaigns & initiatives, including Council by Districts, National Day of Civic Hacking, Detroit Startup Drinks, Detroit Synergy & more.

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