In March, Amplify Philly activated a house in Austin, TX for SXSW and invited the world to learn about Philly tech, entrepreneurship, music, culture & more.

On April 4, we gathered back at Pipeline Philly in Philadelphia with REC Philly & Witty Gritty to debrief. How did it go? What are other ways we can practice urban diplomacy & share Philadelphia stories around the world?

Some takeaways from City Lobby with Amplify Philly:

1. Keeping efforts like Amplify Philly collective & communal are key to include more voices and a truer representation of what Philly is and looks like.

2. There is definitely some "special sauce" in Philly — an organic feeling of community and family that can't be fabricated. 

3. We need to better support and lift what is already happening in the city. We don't necessarily need a SXSW here. 

Watch the video of the conversation here:

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