Deep Dive Detroit is a dinner & dialogue series created by Lauren Hood to bring together longtime city residents with newcomers and visitors to foster greater understanding.



As Detroit welcomes new people, the need for listening & learning across generations and geographies grows. Newcomers want a deeper understanding of the city's history, and longtime residents want more invitations to share this history. Deep Dive Dinners offer a welcoming space for this exchange.


Dinners are carefully curated for diversity, with an equal balance of new and native residents. Dialogue is moderated by Lauren Hood, founder of Deep Dive and Director of Live6 Alliance. Lauren received her Masters of Community Development from University of Detroit Mercy and has professional training as a facilitator. Meals are prepared by local chefs with deep city roots and a passion for storytelling & conversation.


Deep Dive Dinners are hosted by the Urban Consulate, a parlor for city dwellers & travelers seeking urban exchange. A Knight Cities winner, the Consulate convenes honest conversations to break down barriers, welcome new perspectives, and foster understanding between people with different backgrounds. 


After hosting popular dinners for national conferences like Meeting of the Minds and Legacy Cities, Deep Dive is seeking the right sponsor for a series of monthly dinners to reach a wider audience from the metro-Detroit community. Sponsorship would make possible planning & promotion for a season of events. Interested? Contact urbanconsulate[at]


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