At the Consulate, we invite our guests to ask daring questions about the future of cities.

Here is a collection of past inquiries that sparked great conversations—

What is the role of women in shaping the future of cities? 

Nicole de Beaufort

What's the new playbook for inclusive economic development?

James Feagin IV

How can culture push Detroit to greater heights?

Adriel Thornton

How does a private company invest holistically in a 21st century city?

Chris Uhl

Can a healthier civic commons improve public life?

Kathryn Ott Lovell, Jamie Gauthier & Patrick Morgan

Is it time to let new leaders have a seat at the table? 

Ezekiel Harris & Orlando Bailey

How can we execute thoughtful, community-oriented development without displacement?

David Alade

What would James Baldwin do?

Sabrina Nelson

Is community development dead?

Sarida Scott


How can white people assimilate into black communities with respect and honor?

Yodit Mesfin Johnson

What's the future of food sovereignty and security in Detroit? 

Malik Yakini & Jerry Hebron

What's the future of food & race in Philadelphia?

Dwayne Wharton

How can we stop eviction in Detroit's property auction?

Jerry Paffendorf & Mary Lorene Carter

What can activists today learn from the activism of the 1960s & 70s?

Sheila Cockrel & Sandra Stahl

What makes James Baldwin so relevant to who we are as a nation right now?

Devita Davison

How can Detroit do more to promote its cultural heritage?

Cornelius Harris

What are creative ideas to bring people together across difference?


If Black Lives Matter, then Black cities must matter, too.

Dr. Andre Perry

How can we build a more inclusive city for the future?

Jay Pitter

Would you invest in someone's freedom?

Jessica Norwood

As the #MeToo movement grows, who is being left behind?

Danielle L. McGuire & Kidada E. Williams

How do we carry Dr. King’s legacy forward?

Jeffrey Nolish, Pastor Barry Randolph & Orlando Bailey

How can technology make Detroit more inclusive in its future?

Garlin Gilchrist

How do we increase neighborhood engagement through storytelling?

Cornetta Lane

Pleasure is the ultimate rebellion. What pleasures has Detroit given you?

Ingrid LaFleur

How do we tell Detroit's story in an honest yet empowering way?

Eric Thomas

Is cycling for everyone? What are the barriers to entry?

Jeffrey Nolish

Is Detroit a welcoming city to immigrants & refugees?

Taylor Nelson & TJ Rogers

What do mass incarceration, criminal justice reform & prison abolition have to do with planning & economic development?

Amanda Alexander

Did I gentrify Detroit?

Bradford Frost

What does the city lose when we prioritize cars over people?

Francis Grunow

What are creative, low-budget ways to activate public space?

Tactical Urbanism Part 1 & Part 2

What opportunities do young people in our community need in order to succeed?

Community Foundation of SE MI

How do you make stronger blocks & neighborhoods?

Naomi Roberson Reid & Kevin Moran

How can we do better community engagement?

Sommer Woods

Community Building in the 21st Century: Exploring Trauma, Healing & Inclusive Growth

Michael O’Bryan

How can Detroiters have a real influence on public policy?

Declare Detroit

What does respectful policy, planning & development look like?

Chastity Pratt-Dawsey & Damion Ellis

As the city changes, how do we preserve space & place for the culture?

Lauren Hood, Adriel Thornton, Drake Phifer & Joel Fluent Greene

What are creative ways to breathe new life into old houses?

Stephen Henderson & Rose Gorman

Is Detroit missing an opportunity to harness new technology for higher uses?

Alok Sharma

How do we catalyze solutions to build Black wealth for Detroit?

James Johnson-Piett

How can we make the world smaller in order to foster better global citizens?

Rebecca Bucky Willis

How do we invest in Detroit in a way that enhances what makes it unique?

David Schon

What's the state of Detroit's Black art scene?

Taylor Renee Aldridge

How can Detroit preserve the cultural integrity of its Black neighborhoods? 

Lauren Hood

Who's benefiting from Detroit's new food revival?

Tunde Wey

What are ways we can Amplify Philly?

Yuval Yarden & Dave Silver

What does this election mean for cities?

Jen Devor, Jon Geeting, Nyron Crawford & Chris Satullo

What is ethical redevelopment?

Place Lab Fellows

How can Black Detroiters practice self-care, self-love and joy?

Florence Noel & Nefertiti Harris

What does it mean to be a citizen diplomat?

Marian Reich, Jonathan Quarles & Mariana Martinez

How can we improve public health in the city?

Dr. Joneigh S. Khaldun

How can we make design more democratic?

Public by Design

How global is your Detroit?

Gracie Xavier

How can Philly be more welcoming to all?

Herman Nyamunga, Benjamin Miller, Mo Manklang & Jess Ryan

What if we truly believed children were our city's greatest asset?

Khalilah Burt Gaston

What’s your dream space for the city?

Shu Harris, Bucky Willis, Samoy Smith

How do we make space for more local ownership, equity & agency?

Detroit x Philly

What happens when chefs & organizers apply all their principles for equitable, just, diverse & fair food practices?

Ederique Goudia, Genevieve Squires, Brittiany Peeler, Meg Burritt, Jenny Lee & Serena Daniels

How do we navigate the social mob in the era of rogue rappers, activist athletes & problematic presidents?

Candice Fortman

How can the power of relationships & social capital build a stronger city?

Marlowe Stoudamire