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“One of my favorite intellectual social spaces in Detroit.”

—Tanya Stephens, Detroit

"If I have not yet talked your ear off about Urban Consulate, you should come tonight to check it out."

—Chase Cantrell

Building Community Value

"This is it. This is why I moved to Phillypeople are responsive to people who care." #UrbanConsulate

—Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman

Women-Led Cities

"Beautiful space, fabulous tea & wonderful people all made this a day to be remembered!"

—Warda Bouguettaya, baker

"Very glad I found out about the Urban Consulate in Detroit. This event taught me a lot about art & culture in Detroit. Thank you."

—Christopher Hun, brand specialist

"Sold out Urban Consulate program with 5th Square & friends who are helping to make Philly a more vibrant city."

—Patrick Morgan, Knight Foundation

"For those who say I don't share enough the cool spaces I frequent..." #SexyIntellectuals #Sophisticated #Conversations

—Tanya Stephens, Detroit

"Met & heard from so many great people today, thanks to Urban Consulate & Amplify Philly! Shoutout to everyone for the warm welcome."

-Jess Ryan, new Philadelphian

"Special thanks to Urban Consulate for their generous offering of such a gorgeous space. It's a healing space."

—Florence Noel, Dear Black Women

"When your girl Claire Nelson asks you to come through, you come through!"

-Sommer Woods, M-1 Rail

"Woke & white? Progressive white people confronting racial divide @UrbanConsulate"

—Detroit Journalism Collaborative

"Sabrina Nelson packing a full house for the love of that genius James Baldwin!"

—Nichole Christian, InsideOut

"What happens in Copenhagen shouldn't stay in Copenhagen. Love that Philly leaders are keeping up the momentum from our study tour there last month."

—880 Cities

"Awesome, inspiring Urban Consulate discussion on race & food at EAT Cafe"

—Mariana Chilton, Drexel University

"To be in this space. To listen to dialogue rooted in love for this place we share. To want it to be better. To know it won't be easy, but to do it anyway. We are here. We are ready!"

—Nichelle Kija James-Gray, Detroit

"I always enjoy Urban Consulate's ability to fill fancy rooms with nerds."

—Aly, Philadelphia

"This was powerful. I had always been taught that all of the intelligence was to be found in the suburbs. I have never been in a space like this in Detroit."

—Tone McKoy

"If you haven't made it to one of these nourishing discussions at the Urban Consulate, I recommend you do soon!"

—Donald Kilpatrick, illustrator

"Urban Consulate, loved reading about your space in Next City. Would love to see something like it in L.A.!"

—Angie Jean-Marie, Los Angeles

"Thanks to the generosity of the Urban Consulate, and the patience of the audience, I was able to summarize my history and work in a special way."

—Marsha Music, writer & historian

"Thanks to my friends at Urban Consulate for hosting my talk last night. Together we can build stronger community value."

—Salvador Salort-Pons

Detroit Institute of Arts

"Meeting you that evening at the Urban Consulate was the start of our growing friendship, mutual support, and opportunities to learn & share with one another."

—Emily Gail to Marsha Music, Detroit

"Urban Consulate is fantastic. You will love it. Something like that would be a great part of the community engagement work for 3.0."

—Tommy Pacello, Memphis

"Claire is so savvy at her Urban Consulate. What if someone used a People's Liberty grant to create a Cincinnati Fieldtrip?

—Eric Avner, People's Liberty

"If you're ever applying for a People's Liberty grant, take a look at this phenomenal list of resources compiled by one of my civic heroes Claire at Urban Consulate."

—Eric Avner, People's Liberty

"Love this and the attention it's getting. Well done."

—Carol Coletta, Kresge Foundation on Blackness in America dinners

"Thank you profoundly for hosting an amazing experience in Detroit and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it. I truly enjoyed getting more intimate with the city & extremely value the  knowledge exchange. Detroit was inspiring..."

—Veronica Ayala-Flores, LISC Philly

"I was tired, tired & mo' tiredbut I pushed through & went to hear nationally renowned expert on racial justice and equity, Maya Wiley. This teacher was taught tonight! She dropped the knowledge."

—Dorian Kelly, Detroit

"Urban Consulate is an incredible discussion space."

—Infinite Mile, Detroit

"Urban Consulate sounds so officiousbut it's just an old house for conversations and gatherings of cool people."

—Marsha Music, writer & historian

"Urban Consulate again for the win! Thank you for holding space for these conversations!"

—Jay Rayford, Social Sushi

"I love these convos hosted by Urban ConsulatePreserving Black Space"

—Jessica Care Moore, poet

"Bless the Urban Consulate for providing space for this topic and Lauren Hood for leading the change."

Candice Fortman, WDET

"It is *always* a recommended event if West Philly's Katherine Ott Lovell is a speaker."

—Alberto Ibarguen, Knight Foundation

"A safe space for the community to converse on issues impacting Detroit."

—Kiana Doggan, DC3

"So much standing room for Lauren Hood's talk, people were like 'can we sit behind her?'" 

—Matt Dibble, Final Five Productions

"Went to a lively conversation at the Urban Consulate last week on gentrification, race, neighborhoods, access, investing in our narratives and how Detroit can best support its artists. Here, today, the conversation continues..."

—Biba Bell, dancer

"Thank you Urban Consulate & Global Detroit for giving me the opportunity to share my immigrant stories."

—Fatou-Seydi Sarr

"So pumped to travel to Detroit reppin Campus Philly for Urban Consulate Fieldtrip!" 

—Jen Devor, Campus Philly

"We get asked all the time—where are the young people? Here are two brilliant ones making a difference as community leaders on Detroit's eastside."

—Sandra Stahl, Citizen Detroit

"Enjoyed talking history, race and health at the Urban Consulate. Thanks for hosting!"

—Dr. Joneigh Khaldun

Detroit Health Department

"Cool discussion at Urban Consulate on education & strategies that can help kids succeed."

—Frank McGhee, NSO Youth Project

"Great panel from Urban Consulate about bringing transportation learning from Copenhagen to Philadelphia, thanks to support from Knight Foundation."

—Andrew Stober, University City District

"Grateful for your interesting house of community and conversation. Happy Thanksgiving to all the guests, conversationalists, listeners, and those especially who provide the unique place of welcome and thought."

—Lisa Rennell, Detroit

"I am a HUGE fan of Urban Consulate and the unique as well as necessary service it provides to the community. I try to attend as many of their events as possible. If you have never been to one of their events, I urge you to attend. If you have been to any of their events, kudos to you!

Knowledge is key to unlocking empowerment within individuals so that they may use it to build a better community for not only themselves, but other individuals who are and may become vested in the community. Urban Consulate helps to channel and disseminate that knowledge."

—Pietro Maize II, Detroit

"Loving your work at the Consulate. So cool."

—Jimmy Boyle, of the Wayne County Boyles

Illustration: Donald Kilpatrick (Urban Consulate, Detroit, 2017)


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