Impact & Outcomes


Our guests run for public office.

We’re not taking credit for their motivation to serve. We’re just sayin’ we’ve noticed that a number of our guest speakers have launched campaigns after leading parlor talks. Do we help build alliances? And confidence to go further? Yes, we think so.



We introduce people who really oughta know each other.

How had Marsha Philpot and Emily Gail never met before they crossed paths in our parlor? How can a city newcomer get the real scoop from a longtime resident? Every introduction builds social ties that make a community stronger.



We elevate emerging talent.

Not quite ready to pack a full auditorium to hear your ideas? That’s okay—our parlor is a comfortable, supportive place to float a question, message or proposal for the city. We look for smart, passionate, serious people with a point of view that deserves to be heard.



We open windows between places.

We hear it all the time—urban innovators & community advocates are often so busy & focused on their own work, they can miss other people, projects & opportunities.



We refer & endorse.

Need a smart source for a story? A compelling public speaker? Looking for a place to visit or a resource to tap into? We love making recommendations & connections in our cities, and we take this responsibility seriously. We point people towards top notch people, places & ideas.