Pop-Up Parlor on Six Mile in Detroit, December 2016

Could we do a pop-up parlor for Model D's On the Ground program with Live6 on Six Mile & Livernois in Detroit?

Why yes, yes we could.

On a snowy evening in December, we transformed the storefront of the future Detroit Sip into a "speakeasy" for urban exchange.

We packed & moved our parlor up from Midtown, and we worked with the good people at Detroit Collaborative Design Center, Patrick Thompson Design, Model D & Live6 to set-up the space. Our friends at Axle Brewing Company and Detroit City Distillery came through with the libations.

We invited some friends from Chicago & Philadelphia to join us and share their work:

The discussion was moderated by Lauren Hood of Live6 Detroit and Claire Nelson of Urban Consulate. Jevona & Co. at Detroit Sip kept the coffee flowing.

Together we filled the house, and learned about cool projects like Tayyib & Meegan's Institute for Hip Hop Entrepreneurship and Michelle & Jermaine's activation of American Street Feast. Better yet, through planning this event, Lauren's "speakeasy" concept turned into a longer series of community conversations to bring residents together & share ideas for the future.

Photography by Bree Gant for Model D

With special thanks to Knight Foundation and Kresge Foundation for their support of the Consulate & On the Ground