Arin N. Reeves, Ph.D. will be guiding our first three Fall 2019 sessions of A Year of Courageous Conversations ⁠— Defining Courage, Practicing Mindfulness, and Cultivating Curiosity.

Dr. Reeves is a leading researcher, author and advisor in the fields of leadership and inclusion. For over twenty years, she has delivered dynamic and thought-provoking messages to inspire and activate change for audiences across the world. Blending her diverse backgrounds as a lawyer, a researcher, an academic, an author, and a consultant to organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to hospitals and governments, she speaks on many forms of difference, including Racial & Ethnic, Gender, Generational, Religious, Sexual Orientation, Identity & Expression, Physical Abilities, Cognitive Style, and Cultural Differences.

Dr. Reeves is President of the research & advisory firm, Nextions, and bestselling author of three books ⁠—The Next IQ, One Size Never Fits All⁠, and Smarter Than a Lie.

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